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4 person meeting pod or music instrument booth

BLF-03 is the same one of small meeting pods as we mentioned in the article “4 person acoustic meeting pod with furniture”. At the same time, it can also be used as a music instrument practice room. Like playing guitar, drums, piano, cello, violin, play the organ, etc. This size of soundproof pod is suitable for piano training. We can play as much as we want without worrying that your performance will affect people outside.

We have a lot of musical talent, but we just haven’t found a suitable space for ourselves. And we will create a comfortable environment for your musical talents.

    BLF-03 for Music instrument

    The piano can be placed upright or sideways. This depends on your ideas and the size of the piano you purchase. Of course, small instruments such as folk guitars are also very suitable for practicing in this booth. We use very little money to invest in future great musicians or musical instrument teachers. There is no more cost-effective account book than this. Our principle is to use goodwill & acts to create a better world. At the same time, we know that in this impetuous society, many people dream of finding a place where their souls can fully rest. This BLF-03 easily realizes this dream. 

    BLF-03 for Music instrument

    BLF-03 structure

    We have been committed to creating the most comfortable & valuable soundproof equipment for collectors in the world. Now, we hope to let you experience the charm of our products by showing more details.

    BLF-03 structure

    For ibooth, quality is our life.Our staffs concentrate on every single procedure of the production.
    In ibooth, every detail must be perfect.We will never ship the products which is not meet the standard.
    In Europe and the United States, we have a large number of buyers and win their endorsement.
    We believe you will also like our products.

    BLF-03 application scenes

    It is suitable for placement in music training institutions, homes, or any place where music lovers gather and communicate. Even for our customers who have special locations, such as airports, our products are very suitable. When the plane flies in, it mainly has high-frequency components, and when it flies away, it mainly has low-frequency components. Although the main function of our products is to significantly reduce ordinary frequency noise(200~500Hz), they also have a similar blocking function for these low-frequency sounds (below 200Hz) or high-frequency sounds( 500~2000Hz).
    Our products not only have product quality certification CE (with LVD), but also have sound insulation effect testing certification.

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    BLF-03 application scenes