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The material of the polycarbonate dome is the "correct choice", and many people still don't know. Don't joke about life anymore!

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The material of the polycarbonate dome is the "correct choice", and many people still don't know. Don't joke about life anymore!


With the rapid development of modern society and economy, more and more people are pursuing fashionable and original home life. The recently popular Star Room Bubble House on the Tiktok platform has received much attention from everyone, which conforms to the fashion and original ecological style! Let's take a look at three details to pay attention to when building a starry sky room together.

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1.PC endurance board

It is important to pay attention to the selection of boards, as PC endurance boards, which are currently popular in the market, are the most popular. PC endurance board, originally known as polycarbonate, is made from high-performance engineering plastics such as polycarbonate or polycarbonate (commonly known as "endurance board"). The PC endurance board itself has performance such as impact resistance and impact resistance, with the best toughness, safety, anti-theft, and bulletproof effects.

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2.Special performance

Privacy: There are electric curtains on the dome and manual curtains on the side, effectively ensuring privacy and security issues.

The strength is very high: bricks, stones, and hammers cannot break, and police shields and aircraft windows also use this material, commonly known as "endurance boards".

Sound insulation: PC board itself is a sound insulation material, with an approximate sound insulation of 26dB. It is used as a sound insulation barrier material for enclosed and semi enclosed light rails and tunnels. Currently, PC board is used as a sound insulation barrier for high-speed railways, subways, and highways.

Transparent and UV resistant: PC board has a transmittance of over 95%, and the UV coating on the surface has UV resistant performance, effectively protecting household equipment in the pc dome tent.

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3.Installation technology

Having good materials is also not enough, and professional installation techniques are required. Professional personnel not only install quickly and save time and effort, but also do not cause damage or scratches to the materials during the installation of the starry sky room. So professional installation techniques also need to be emphasized.