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Why suggest building a PC Dome Tent in the courtyard?


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Why suggest building a PC Dome Tent in the courtyard?


If you have a courtyard at home, don't waste it in vain. The courtyard itself is a good place to get up close to nature, get close to sunlight, and breathe fresh air. Why is it recommended to build a starry sky room? There are three reasons:

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1.Easy to build, safe and hassle free

The Dome House is a temporary building, so it is not illegal and does not require approval. Assembly and splicing can be completed in a few hours; Starry sky rooms of any size can also achieve structural splicing, with multiple combinations that can flexibly create living spaces. And build a dome tent cost is small than a glass room but it’s more durable than glass too. It will give you a different feels when you stay in the crystal PC Dome.

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2.Widely used and can be disassembled at will

According to market understanding, igloo tent dome are widely used in scenic areas, homestays, resorts, star rated hotels, villas, specialty restaurants, coffee shops, hot springs, outdoor hotels, camping, outdoor campsites, agricultural sightseeing, tourism, ecological parks, internet celebrity check-in places, etc.

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3.Warm in winter and cool in summer

PC endurance board has an insulation effect, which is 7% -25% higher than ordinary glass, and the maximum insulation of PC endurance board is 49%. The minimum temperature of the PC endurance board can reach -40℃, and the maximum temperature can reach 120℃, which can have a warm winter and cool summer effect.

4.Application for your farm to see the star at night

Glamping has become particularly popular with 21st century tourists seeking the luxuries of hotel accommodation alongside "the escapism and adventure recreation of camping. Because of its attractive appearance, modular assembly and excellent safety performance, our transparent PC Dome has gradually become a new favorite of glamping.