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2 Person Soundproof Meeting Booth

In business dealings, when receiving visiting distinguished guests, we often need to talk alone to discuss business. BLF-11 is undoubtedly one of the best products among private meeting pods for 2 people. As a soundproof cabin for 2 people, its cabin size is W200×D100cm, which is very suitable for two people to talk face to face indoors. And due to the sound insulation effect, the conversation content is kept confidential. At the same time, the 1m width size is very suitable for placement in long and narrow spaces, and will not take up too much indoor space. This is another charm of its size.

    BLF-11 characters

    1.Meeting Pod for 2 people
    2.Multifunctional use
    It can be use as meeting phone booth, room office booth,privacy office booth. Besides business consulting, it can be used for educational counselling, webcasting, Meditation, phone calling & communication & etc.
    3. Installation is simple and quick.
    Installation only requires 2 people, and if you are quick, you can complete the installation in one and a half hours.
    4.Easy to move
    The 2m wide cabin has a net weight of 500KGS. With the help of the universal wheels at the bottom, it can be moved very easily with two people.
    5. Furniture optional
    Sofa and table styles are optional. Including the type and color of the sofa. There are square tables and round tables.

    BLF-11 4 layer structuremm0

    Sound insulation of BLF-11

    Test tool: decibel meter
    If the booth external sound source is about 90~100 dB at 1 meter, its external sound insulation is about 35~40dB; if the booth inner sound source is about 90~100dB, its inner sound insulation is about 35~40dB.
    This sound insulation capability is very significant in a spacious office. That is to say, when two people are talking in the booth, people 2 meters away cannot hear the conversation inside the cabin. At the same time, the noise outside will not interfere with the conversation inside the cabin. This is an encouraging product. 
    BLF-11 sound insulationwo8

    Attentions on using

    The booth should not be used outdoors; 
    Try not to dismantle after well installed;
    Power supply connecting to the booth should be correct;
    The booth should be located on stable, dry and flat ground or floor;
    The booth should not be located in high temperature environment;
    The booth should not be located at site with falling objects from high space;
    Trivial articles should not be put on top of the booth; 
    Avoid damp or sunshine, wiring system should not be exposed for long term.
    Type: office booths and pods, private meeting pods, 2 person phone booth
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