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53×45 inches small portable work pod

BLF-04 is a compact and flexible high-end soundproof cabin. In view of its sturdy and durable appearance, professional and elegant design, and good sound insulation effect, it is very suitable for office staffs in the workplace. It can provide long-term benefits to the business. This long-term benefit is not only reflected in improving the corporate image, but more importantly, in improving work efficiency and creating more wealth for corporate users. This portable office pod good at sound reflection-reduced. One sentence in definition, it is a premium & professional mobile sound isolation equipment for workplace.

    This inspired working pod is small size with 53 inches in length, 45 inches in width. It is near enough to make a big difference one way or the other comparing other suppliers. We design it for quiet booth office, let sound proof room portable becoming reality. Visual & audio distractions-reduced is just one goal, to help people get more funny is the ultimate target we desire to offer. You can do seamless video webcasting or telephone capacities, meditation,plan, report, design & so on inside. It can be placed in a co-working space or an independent office area, or even in stairwells, corridors and other places.
    Also, we have many other models for office booth, acoustic booth, soundproof cabin. We will fulfill your dream, lead it to the happiness of you. All our technology and progress is for wonderful adventure.

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    External sound insulation:
    Test condition: In the 9 square meters acoustics lab,theoretically, outside noise of booth reaches 80~90dB, sound insulation reduce 15dB inside. Such as high-frequency vacuum cleaner noise (75~80dB, 500~2000Hz) and low-frequency noise of road car noise (75~80dB, 200Hz). However, in the 400 square meters show room, the sound source outside the soundproof booth is 90-100 decibels at 1 meter distance, and the actual test is to isolate the external regular noises by 35~40 decibels.
    Test tool: decibel meter
    Interior sound insulation:
    Test condition: In the 9 square meters acoustics lab, theoretically, inner noise reaches 80~90dB, the external soundproof 20~25dB. In fact, in the 400 square meters show room, it can reduce the booth noise of 30~35dB. And  inner sound insulation is main function of the soundproof booth. 
    Test tool: decibel meter
    BLF-04 sound insulationycc

    This modular sound booth is very simple. No pillars, no complicated parts. It does not require professional installers, and customers can easily complete the installation according to our installation videos and instructions.
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