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6 people plywood board acoustic meeting booths

BLF-17 is both an office private booth and a privacy booth for home. It can be used for meetings of 6 people or for personal musical instrument practice. This is a very unique movable silence booth. The original intention of the design is for professional musical instrument users. It is a relatively cheap professional large-scale soundproof compartment. Compared with the 4-layer wall luxury model BLF-16, its price will be lower. Through precise design of the three wall structures, we have achieved the best sound insulation effect. When using it, we recommend that you turn on its exhaust system for 1 minute before using it.

    BLF-17 characters

    1.Arc angle of soundproof booth.
    The 8 corners on the front and rear sides are all arc designs.
    It is mobile meeting pods, can move by its wheels on the bottom.Absolute it is a portable soundproof room.
    BLF-17 characters

    BLF-17 configuration

    Model Techincal name Specification
    BLF-17 1. External size(cm) W180×D180×H233
    2. Inner size (cm) W163×D163×H203
    3. 3 Walls 2-layer structure:15mm thickness soundproof plywood (Exterior wall)+ 9mm polyester fiber Acoustic panels(inner wall)
    4. 1 glass side The tempered glass is 8mm thick.
    5. Lighting 72W LED
    6. Power 110~220V, 60/50Hz, 100W
    7.Socket & switch 2 pcs of socket + 1 double switch.
    8. Ventilation 2 pcs of 12V fan+4 air inlets on the ceiling+ 1 air outlet at the bottom side.
    9. Docoration for the floor 1 carpet.
    11. Movable wheels 6 pcs
    12. Fixed struts 6 pcs
    12. External sound insulation Test condition: In the 9 square meters acoustics lab,theoretically, outside noise of booth reaches 80~90dB, sound insulation reduce15dB inside.Such as high-frequency vacuum cleaner noise (75~80dB, 500~2000Hz) and low-frequency noise of road car noise (75~80dB, 200Hz). However, in the 400 square meters show room, the sound source outside the soundproof booth is 90-100 decibels at 1 meter distance, and the actual test is to isolate the external regular noises by 35~40decibels.                                                                      For example, (90.1+92.7)/2-55.3=36.1dB.                                           Test tool: decibel meter
    13. Inner sound insulation Test condition: In the 9 square meters acoustics lab, theoretically, inner noise reaches 80~90dB, the external soundproof 30~35dB. Infact, in the 400 square meters show room, it can excellently reduce the booth noise of 30~35 decibels. For example, (92.6+97)/2-60.7=34.1dB. And  inner sound insulation is the main function of the soundproof booth.                                                               Test tool: decibel meter
    BLF-17 configuration

    BLF-17 application scenes

    Type:private office pods, soundproof pods for offices.

    BLF-17 application scenes