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Office luxury silent work Pod

Who doesn’t want to have a happy mood when working? We have designed several related office work pods for this purpose, and XDH-04 is one of our favorite products. This product treats user as humanity, not only for work soul, but also for feeling qualities. It is science progress. When the user sits in and experiences it, he will have a comfortable, soft and quiet office environment, free from external sound interference. Compared with Home working booth, its booth soundproof effect will be better. Creating professional workplace pods for customers has been our vision since the founding of our company.

    XDH-04 sound insulation booth advantages

    There are many types of sound proof pods on the market, most of which are a combination of trivial and complicated installation components. There are few commercial booth offices that can be easily installed with just a few modules like ours. It has notable features:
    1. Quick installation
    Only 2 people are needed, no professional installers are needed. According to the installation video guide and with all the tools available, the installation is usually completed within 2 hours.
    2.strong and sturdy
    XDH-04 is made by sheet metal, durable and sturdy, it will not deform after 15 years of continuous use.
    3.Wonderful sound insulation
    When the sound inside the booth reaches 90~100 decibels, Its internal sound insulation can be separated by 30~35dB; When the sound outside the booth reaches 90~100 decibels, Its external sound insulation can be reduced by 35~40 decibel.

    XDH-04 4 layer structurepgs

    large wall mounted desk

    In order to maximize the efficient use of the office space in the cabin, we matched the largest and most comfortable desk. The size of the desk is W113*D50*H10cm. This is the largest size among the privacy booths for office with a length of less than W1.4m for one person. This desk is large enough to accommodate a computer screen, keyboard, small speakers, folders and other office supplies. We made such a large table because we know that users need a table of this size.
    XDH-04 sound insulation9k0

    Tools for living in harmony with office environment

    XDH-04 is a sound insulation device that is highly coordinated with the office environment. It can be placed wherever needed in the office. Whether it is to improve the company's own work efficiency or to enhance the company's image externally, it will satisfy users. When a company places this kind of luxurious office equipment, it is the most effective business card for external introduction.
    XDH-04 scenessp6